Spend an hour with the remarkable Graphic VCO wavetable adventure playground by Erica Synths. I’ll take you through all the features with a load of sound demos and explanations. And sorry for the auto-focus! Intro – 0:24 The user interface – 12:28 A/B Wavetable mode – 16:04 Wavetable Matrix mode […]

Molten Modular 21 – Erica Synths Graphic VCO review

The randomRHYTHM is a trigger sequencer, drum machine, pattern creating, trigger happy, swinging, randomising, liver performing module with bags of character and deep levels of fun. Intro – 0:24 The basics – 03:31 Rolling the Dice – 06:50 SEQ OUT – 09:22 Swing – 12:15 Triggering envelopes – 13:31 The […]

Molten Modular 20 – Vermona randomRHYTHM review and demo

Let me walk you through an ambient patch I built for a contemplative event. It features the 2HP Pluck and Make Noise ST0 run by a Turing machine with lots of interesting CV mixing and modulation. I also give you a demonstration and explanation of a “Krell Patch” and discover […]

Molten Modular 19 – Let’s build an ambient patch via ...

A two part and possibly three part journey into the question of how to write a track on Eurorack. This is all about the question and suggesting ways forward. In part three I might be able to talk about how I got there.

Molten Modular 18 – How do you write a track ...

Sadly I now have more modules than I have space for. So I’m using it as an opportunity to examine my rack and decide what stays and what goes. I’ll go through all my choices, my recent discoveries, my thoughts and feelings about this modular rabbit hole we find ourselves […]

Molten Modular 17 – Eurorack overflow and update

The Erica Synths Black VCO is based on the Polivoks core but re-engineered to produce a fully stable and awesomely thick and creamy sound. The Expander adds wave blending, a second sub oscillator and a whole load more treacle. In this video I’ll take you through the features and attempt […]

Molten Modular 16 – Erica Synths Black VCO and Expander ...

Oscillators (VCOs) are the building blocks of synthesizers and this video looks at what they are and how you use them in Eurorack. It features the Make Noise STO analog oscillator and is as much a review and demo of that awesome module as anything else. Please consider sponsoring me […]

Molten Modular 15 – Discovering Oscillators with the Make Noise ...

An update to my modular journey with the introduction of my third row. I talk about the case, taking a row to a synth meet and just how fabulous it all looks. I also talk about my plans for reviewing modules. I take you on a quick tour of all […]

Molten Modular 14 – The inevitable 3rd row of Eurorack

Eurorack Modular can get very expensive. With just a handful of modules you can find yourself sinking thousands of pounds into the building of your ultimate synthesizer. One way to reduce the cost is to get into the culture of modular DIY. Many modules are available in kit form and […]

Molten Modular 13 – My first DIY module: The Turing ...

It was a year ago now that I first got bitten by the modular bug. And in that time I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with you into Eurorack. As this adventure continues I’ve got loads more videos planned, but it takes a lot of work and I’m looking for some […]

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