In this episode I’m going to demonstrate why I believe semi-modular to be the gateway drug to modular proper. I know, I know, we’re poised on the cliff of synthesis wanting to dive in perfectly ready to make costly mistakes – I’ve been poised there for about a year. However, […]

Molten Modular 02 – Semi-Modular as a gateway to Modular ...

Synthfest 2016 Buchla
So you’ve moved beyond the inquisitive into a desire to get involved in this world of modular. Assuming you’ve thought about your approach (check out my last article on that), have a vague idea of what you’re trying to achieve then we can begin looking at the reality of modular […]

Where do you start with modular?

A man playing a modular
As Donald Trump becomes President of the USA I felt I wanted to reflect on how his plan to make America great again could do well to follow the example of the recent transformation of synthesis. Just like the American dream, synthesis had become bloated and creatively corrupt. The three […]

Making synthesis great again

Synthfest 2016 Chelsea Brullo
If you are interested in taking steps into modular synthesis but you’re not a synth nerd or feel out of your depth on the various modular forums and facebook groups then you’ve come to the right place. Follow my journey and benefit from my mistakes and mishaps. I’m told I have […]

A journey into Modular Synthesis