KOMPAS is a 3-channel probability trigger generator that I’m hoping will revolutionise the percussive side of my Eurorack. This video shows the building of the module from the kit and some testing and exploration. I’ll do another video showcasing more of what it can do.

Modular DIY 10 – Bastl Instruments KOMPAS

Let me introduce you to the VCMC from Befaco. It takes all your Eurorack CV modulation, notes and gates and maps them into MIDI so that your DAW or your MIDI synth or soft synth can be controlled and played from your rack. With VCMC you can incorporate soft and […]

Befaco VCMC Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller for Eurorack

A recording of my live performance at the launch party of my Soul Circus album. Many thanks to Hannah-Claire Cameron for the vocals (you can almost see her in the dark) and Arthur for handling the visuals.

Clear Skies – Modular Performance

The Befaco Instrument Interface can bring vocals, guitars and synths into your Eurorack via a preamp with phantom power. It also has an envelope follower for generating envelopes, gates and triggers from the incoming signal. Marvel as I expertly put this module together with my bare hands and a soldering […]

Modular DIY 09 – Befaco Instrument Interface V2

Not being entirely sure what to do I plugged the Pulses into as many triggerable things as I could find. The melody is also generated by the Turing Machine. It’s a really interesting module that requires a bit more thought and experimentation than this video shows but just plugging it […]

Music Thing Modular Pulses Jam (Turing Machine expansion)

An unexpectedly melancholy exploration of the dual channel wavefolding of the Befaco Chopping Kinky. All sound is being passed through the module, except VCO 3340. Patch notes: Befaco Even VCO sine wave into Channel A Kinky 3340 VCO sine wave direct Both pitches controlled via Turing Machine through uScale Make […]

Befaco Chopping Kinky wavefolding noodle

The Chopping Kinky is a dual channel cross modulating wave folding module that will turn your sine waves into blobs of morphing goo. It’s thick, delicious and chewable. Befaco sent me a kit to build and here’s the long winded result. I’ll be doing another video of the Chopping Kinky […]

Modular DIY 07 – Befaco Chopping Kinky

Working up a patch for the Electronic Open Mic on Thursday and thought I’d try some pads from the MicroFreak through the Erica Stereo Delay as a starting point. VCO 3340 doing the bottom end, ST0 taking the top beeps, Pluck through Magento doing some wash and percussion taken care […]

Hot night noodle with MicroFreak and modular