We’re building my first oscillator – the awesome Even VCO from Befaco. Over the next hour and a half I share my experience of building the Even VCO. It’s a dense board with a lot of components. It’s not difficult but it does take time. Working out resistors, identifying capacitors, […]

Modular DIY 04 – Befaco Even VCO

The Graphic EQ is an awesome little module, brings some cool tone shaping to your rack in a very straight forward build. This is me warming myself up before embarking on building something complex like an oscillator. I thought I’d tackle the tremendously simple Graphic EQ from Music Thing Modular. […]

Modular DIY 03 – Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ

The first hurdle in building your own Eurorack is the case and power supply – you have to do that first. Here’s what I did for under 100 quid and I am now ready to start building modules. Intro – 0:10 My chosen power supply and case concept – 7:11 […]

Modular DIY 02 – Case and power supply

Envelopes in Eurorack can be hard to grasp, especially when moving from regular synthesizers. In this in-depth video we are going to uncover the concepts and usage of the ADSR envelope from first bleep to evolving modulations. Grab a coffee and give yourself an hour to bathe in the warm […]

Molten Modular 24 – Discovering Envelopes featuring TINRS Edgecutter

I’m kicking off a new series of videos on Eurorack modular DIY. If  you solder your own modules from kits then you can build your Eurorack for a lot less money than buying pre-built modules. Plus it’s completely fascinating. Follow me on my journey into modular DIY and let’s see […]

Modular DIY 01 – Introduction to building your own modules ...

A full review and demo of the Eventide Euro DDL Digital Delay Eurorack module. it’s worth spending some time with this versatile and surprising CV controllable effect box. I failed to mention the Overdrive button – it adds a 20dB boost to the input – I didn’t find it very […]

Molten Modular 23 – Eventide Euro DDL Digital Delay review

A two-parter this one where I use the Squarp Hermod to interface Bitwig to my DAW and then, in part 2 record the Eurorack back into the DAW for mixing. So, how do you connect your DAW to your modular? I’ve been looking at ways to sequence my modular alongside […]

Molten Modular 22 – Using Hermod for DAW-to-Modular connection

Spend an hour with the remarkable Graphic VCO wavetable adventure playground by Erica Synths. I’ll take you through all the features with a load of sound demos and explanations. And sorry for the auto-focus! Intro – 0:24 The user interface – 12:28 A/B Wavetable mode – 16:04 Wavetable Matrix mode […]

Molten Modular 21 – Erica Synths Graphic VCO review

The randomRHYTHM is a trigger sequencer, drum machine, pattern creating, trigger happy, swinging, randomising, liver performing module with bags of character and deep levels of fun. Intro – 0:24 The basics – 03:31 Rolling the Dice – 06:50 SEQ OUT – 09:22 Swing – 12:15 Triggering envelopes – 13:31 The […]

Molten Modular 20 – Vermona randomRHYTHM review and demo