Lattice is a delicious 12-step Eurorack sequencer that is the model of simplicity and terribly musical. Cells is an expansion that makes it playable and takes it in new directions. Here’s my full review with lots of footage of the thing in action.

Tenderfoot Lattice sequencer and Cells review

Generator is a multi-channel CV step sequencer in a desktop form factor with 3 channels of 16 steps, gates and flipped gates, pattern creation, voltage generation and manipulation and it’s a heck of a lot of fun to use. Here’s my full review and demonstration of this very musical and […]

Analogue Solutions Generator sequencer review

We’re building my first oscillator – the awesome Even VCO from Befaco. Over the next hour and a half I share my experience of building the Even VCO. It’s a dense board with a lot of components. It’s not difficult but it does take time. Working out resistors, identifying capacitors, […]

Modular DIY 04 – Befaco Even VCO

The Graphic EQ is an awesome little module, brings some cool tone shaping to your rack in a very straight forward build. This is me warming myself up before embarking on building something complex like an oscillator. I thought I’d tackle the tremendously simple Graphic EQ from Music Thing Modular. […]

Modular DIY 03 – Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ

The first hurdle in building your own Eurorack is the case and power supply – you have to do that first. Here’s what I did for under 100 quid and I am now ready to start building modules. Intro – 0:10 My chosen power supply and case concept – 7:11 […]

Modular DIY 02 – Case and power supply

Envelopes in Eurorack can be hard to grasp, especially when moving from regular synthesizers. In this in-depth video we are going to uncover the concepts and usage of the ADSR envelope from first bleep to evolving modulations. Grab a coffee and give yourself an hour to bathe in the warm […]

Molten Modular 24 – Discovering Envelopes featuring TINRS Edgecutter

I’m kicking off a new series of videos on Eurorack modular DIY. If  you solder your own modules from kits then you can build your Eurorack for a lot less money than buying pre-built modules. Plus it’s completely fascinating. Follow me on my journey into modular DIY and let’s see […]

Modular DIY 01 – Introduction to building your own modules ...

A full review and demo of the Eventide Euro DDL Digital Delay Eurorack module. it’s worth spending some time with this versatile and surprising CV controllable effect box. I failed to mention the Overdrive button – it adds a 20dB boost to the input – I didn’t find it very […]

Molten Modular 23 – Eventide Euro DDL Digital Delay review

A two-parter this one where I use the Squarp Hermod to interface Bitwig to my DAW and then, in part 2 record the Eurorack back into the DAW for mixing. So, how do you connect your DAW to your modular? I’ve been looking at ways to sequence my modular alongside […]

Molten Modular 22 – Using Hermod for DAW-to-Modular connection