Molten Modular Introduction

Molten Modular 01 – Introduction to Modular synthesis video series

Here it is, the first video in this new series that aim to answer the question of “how to get into modular synthesis”. I’ve got together with Red Dog Music to help me take my first steps into the world of modular. I’m your guide and your guinea pig as I strive to unravel this mysteriously musical form of DIY synthesis. There will be videos forthcoming on gateway synths to lay the ground work; software alternatives to whet your appetite; and on to choosing the right case and power supply. And then it will develop into an opportunity to try out, compare and review various modules as I start to put my system together.

Check out the other written articles on this blog for some good basic information about modular synthesis. It’s important that we get some of the forms and formats correct before we go any further. Along with the videos there will be more written articles expanding on the subject and my experiences.

And remember there’s a lot of help available out there in the community – but don’t be a dick. Try to do some research before hand, try to ask informed questions and be respectful to the people who take the time to respond. Hopefully what I do here will help you do that – let me ask the dumb arse questions so that you don’t have to. All being well I can add something positive to all the great information that’s already out there.

Teaming up with Red Dog Music is awesome because it’s going to allow me to get hold of modules and try a few out before I decide what to stick with. This could develop into a good way to show comparisons and demonstrate what different things do. That would be very helpful indeed.