Molten Modular 12 – AC coupling, CV and DAW control with Bitwig 2.1 3

Or how can you control your modular with CV from Bitwig through an AC coupled audio interface? Featuring the Bitwig CV devices and Silent Way from Expert Sleepers.

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3 thoughts on “Molten Modular 12 – AC coupling, CV and DAW control with Bitwig 2.1

  • Tom

    Since you have a Mother-32 in your modular setup I wonder why you are not using it as midi interface and sequencer. Since it can also provide the master clock for the rest of the system it could become the central piece. Am I wrong here?

    • Robin - Molten Modular Post author

      You are not wrong at all. The only problem being that I don’t like the sequencer very much, I find it very fiddly to use. I’, also finding the whole Mother-32 experience is less intuitive than individual modules – I really love the interplay of modules and the semi-modular nature of the M32 prevents it from being fully part of the system as a whole. But I still love the sound. I’m not that interested in MIDI at this point – maybe later.

    • Robin - Molten Modular Post author

      I’m trying to stay away from computerised sequencing or a traditional keyboard paradigm. I want to do everything in the rack.