Molten Modular 13 – My first DIY module: The Turing Machine

Eurorack Modular can get very expensive. With just a handful of modules you can find yourself sinking thousands of pounds into the building of your ultimate synthesizer. One way to reduce the cost is to get into the culture of modular DIY. Many modules are available in kit form and can save you a load of money if you are prepared to invest a bit of time in a bit of soldering. That might sound daunting but I can assure you that’s a lot more straight forward than it seems. For this video I recorded my first attempt at building a DIY kit. I have some soldering experience from many years ago, but I’m certainly coming at this as a beginner. The kit is a Turing Machine from Music Thing Modular and is quite challenging as a first project. However, the documentation is excellent and all it really needs is patience. So check out the video and follow my experience of globs of solder, wonky components, broken irons and melting power cords, and be inspired to try this out for yourself.