Molten Modular 22 – Using Hermod for DAW-to-Modular connection

A two-parter this one where I use the Squarp Hermod to interface Bitwig to my DAW and then, in part 2 record the Eurorack back into the DAW for mixing.

So, how do you connect your DAW to your modular? I’ve been looking at ways to sequence my modular alongside vocals recorded in my DAW on the Surface Pro. You need some form of MIDI-to-CV converter. In this case I’m using the Hermod from Squarp Instruments. But it can also sequence, it can also manipulate MIDI going through it in interesting ways. In this video I just wanted to show what I was doing and how it was working. I don’t have all the answers yet but I’m getting there.

A bit more of my Bitwig to Hermod experiment where I actually record the Eurorack tracks onto Bitwig on the Surface Pro and then put everything in StudioOne V4 to see if I can make head or tales of it. Plus a lot of bonus talk about the nature of music, modular and the futility of being.