Molten Modular 24 – Discovering Envelopes featuring TINRS Edgecutter

Envelopes in Eurorack can be hard to grasp, especially when moving from regular synthesizers. In this in-depth video we are going to uncover the concepts and usage of the ADSR envelope from first bleep to evolving modulations. Grab a coffee and give yourself an hour to bathe in the warm embrace of envelopes. I’ll be featuring the This Is Not Rocket Science Edgecutter envelope module along with Make Noise Maths and a tiny bit of Tip Top Z4000 but this video is applicable to any sort of envelope.

Intro – 00:21
Envelopes on a synthesizer – 01:49
Envelope basics A-D-S-R – 04:24
Experiencing ADSR in Eurorack – 08:14
A-D Envelopes for sequencing bleeps – 20:35
Maths and the Rise and Fall of A-D Envelopes – 27:56
Envelopes and voltages – 30:27
Maths and Log and Exp curves – 34:51
Envelope cycling on Maths – 37:42
Using an envelope on the filter cutoff – 39:10
Using an envelope in other places – 43:09
Getting into the Edgecutter features – 45:33
Final thoughts – 56:58