My journey as Molten Modular has been an eventful one. Beginning with a visit to SynthFest in 2017 it has grown to overpower my life in the most extraordinary way. Eurorack modular has become the most inspiring and creative decision I’ve ever made since buying my first guitar 35 years ago. I’ve tried to capture my modular adventure in the videos and live streams of my YouTube channel.

I hope to continue producing videos reviewing products, tackling modular concepts, and hopefully entertaining people along the way. All the time I’m learning and there’s no end to the depths we could go to. This page will hold all my modular-focused videos and will grow as I do. You’ll find guides to all sorts of modular things, advice on what to get and where to go next and my humble attempts at performance. I hope it helps.

My Modular Journey

Here’s a playlist of every video starting at the beginning. Skip further down for the latest videos from my continuing adventure.

Latest videos