Modular DIY 03 – Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ 2

The Graphic EQ is an awesome little module, brings some cool tone shaping to your rack in a very straight forward build. This is me warming myself up before embarking on building something complex like an oscillator. I thought I’d tackle the tremendously simple Graphic EQ from Music Thing Modular. It gives me a chance to test out my tools, lighting and camera angles and as you’ll see it was a very worth while exercise. I do apologise for all the shots of the top of my head. I will get that sorted for next time.

Please note that Thonk have now uploaded the build guide for the Graphic EQ 😊

Intro – 0:05
Let’s build this thing – 1:18
Let’s test this thing – 22:00
Coming soon – 29:03

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