Modular DIY 04 – Befaco Even VCO

We’re building my first oscillator – the awesome Even VCO from Befaco. Over the next hour and a half I share my experience of building the Even VCO. It’s a dense board with a lot of components. It’s not difficult but it does take time. Working out resistors, identifying capacitors, thoughts on soldering as a hobby, the pitfalls and dangers of working with a kit – it’s all here. It’s the first time I had to calibrate anything and so that was predictably troublesome – but we got there. And the result it a beautiful module with some fabulous noises. Loved this build! Sorry I couldn’t edit it any shorter – there’s too much good stuff in here!

Intro – 00:11
Getting started – 6:46
Main board resistor soldering – 12:31
Main board diodes and ferrite beads – 23:03
Installing the ICs – 27:30
Main board Bag B – Capacitors – 31:09
Main board Bag B – more capacitors and transistors – 38:06
Main board Bag B – Trimmers – 40:34
Pin headers and power connectors – 42:08
First board done – thoughts so far – 44:02
Control PCB – 46:50
Control PCB knobs and patch sockets – 57:58
First testing – does it work? – 1:08:58
Calibration – 1:12:22
Tour and demo – 1:23:31
Conclusion – 1:25:27