Modular DIY

DIY Week Schedule
Sunday 27th September, 9pm BST – Live stream chat about getting started and what’s happening during the week. Monday 28th September – nothing! Tuesday 29th September, 8pm BST – Frequency Central Stasis Leak build-along. Wednesday 30th September, 8pm BST – live chat with Steve from Thursday 1st October, 8pm […]

DIY Week – Schedule

Molten DIY Week
Grab your soldering iron and Join me for a week of Eurorack and synthesizer DIY. I’ll be live streaming some builds, working on the Deckard’s Dream, trying out some Kosmo format modular and talking to Steve from Thonk. Best place to stay up to date is Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. […]

DIY Week

Here’s a full build of the DivKid Mutes module kit as supplied by Befaco and Not many components, not many instructions but I’ll take you through it and fill in all the holes. In the end you get an instantly usable, performance transforming, wicked little module for muting things […]

Modular DIY 05 – DivKid Mutes